Crystal + Tommy


Sometimes when you beautify a bride it does more for you than her. This is one of those special times when we felt like family and were so excited for Crystal and Tommy. Although we did not have the pleasure of meeting Tommy, he must be very special for Crystal to choose him for her life partner and husband. 

Every part of working with Crystal was pure pleasure. We were counting down the days with her. She even had her hair highlighted by DV Lauren in the salon, so we had the chance to even see her more. 

And just look how beautiful she is. DV Lauren’s job was easy, just adding natural tones to her eyes to make them sparkle and soft pinks to her lips and cheeks. 

Once the day arrived we sent a team of DV specialists to beautify the entire bridal party and moms. It was a beautiful day at the St Regis in Dana Point. 

The day was a complete success and a combination of glam and elegance. Thanks to Pure Lavish Events it was their dream day. 

Have a wonderful life Crystal and Tommy.

Thank you so much  Kaysha for the photos and for sending them us so quickly.