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Can You Tell a Brides Personality By Her Shoes?

Been in business for 24 years…blogging just over 24 days. LOVE IT! I have put off learning or even understanding the reason blogging for 24 months. Who would want to read my diary…more importantly who’s diary do I want to read! Turns out everyone, well not everyone but lots and lots. In the 24 years of business I have had some good business friendships with soooo many in the wedding industry. Turns out…I really did not know them very well. I have learned and become so much closer to so many of my favorite wedding artists, and met many new ( to me), and I now get the opportunity to see as often as I want their latest work. I can even appreciate our competitions work….

So in grabbing some of our brides photos from the photographers blogs to add to our Design Visage blog…….what caught my eye was the shoes (among other things). Since I, like many others, am shoe crazy, I started a little wedding shoe book and today I am going to show a few to you. But don’t fear, everyday there is a wedding with a new pair of shoes to share. So I suppose this will be an ongoing shoe/show.








I want to thank all the fantastic photographers for their creativity and the brides for choosing such “hot” shoes. The photography artists: Jasmine Star Ryan Phillips; Scott Nelson; Victor Sizemore; Bonnie Tsang; Next Exit; Evoke; Jessica Claire; Jacob Galleries; David Abel; Joshua Caine; Palos Studios; Joe Photo; Jason Q Tran; Garrett Photography; Boutwell Studio; Amelia Lyon; Jan Garcia; Duke Images………..THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…..and since their are always new brides with cool shoes, watch out for another Shoe Show.

Mahin a traditional Sofreh Aghed wedding

What a joy to meet Mahin. She and Tony were married February 14th at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach. Duke photography captured the day….check out his work….creative! Mahin and Tony chose to marry in a Iranian Traditional ceremony….Sofreh Aghed. Now from what I understand this Sofreh Aghed is part of everything…it is the traditions from the food to the decore. There are specialists who incorporate the old world traditions into each brides new world tastes. So interesting. This is the best part of living in the United States. Each of us being the same, although each bringing a different world of culture and traditions. LOVE IT.

Let’s enjoy some of Tony and Mahin’s day.



Lauren, Mahin’s Design Visage artist did a smoky eye…color all over the lid and a full eye liner. Mahin has big dark eyes, perfect for this make-up style. But as you will see, sill quite natural. They decided to do a half up hairstyle, with a sleek look. The finishing touch…a beautiful flower.

Lauren returned to Mahin for a second hairstyle. What a stunning couple!

Thanks Mahin for bringing Design Visage into your day……

If you wished to be loved, love.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Bride in the Knot Magazine

Naomi and Larry were married last year, but we have been waiting to see the article in The Knot magazineto do our blog story. It was a special honor to have been chosen by Naomi for the bridal beauty, because she is a wedding coordinator and has worked with many vendors. So we feel privileged to have been a part of this unique day. Naomi is the N in DNT Elite events, and she is used to planning for all the others. In fact when we would call to confirm details about her wedding, she always had several other brides details to go over with us at the same time. WOW had did you do it!  Ryan Phillips was the master photographer for the day. Lets see what they say in the magazine.


Naomi’s hair and make-up were very fun. She has great hair and Michelle ( her DV artist) did an intricate but loose updo. It was all out of her face, and a piece of artwork in the back. Naomi’s make-up was a natural look of neutrals, pinks and mauve’s. Just enough to bring out her features. WOW she looks fantastic.

Look how important a good bridesmaids is….. to touch up your lip gloss.

Naomi has great taste in shoes

Home made jam for all

Naomi and Larry were married in Ventura at the Eucalyptus LaneThanks Naomi for choosing Design Visage.

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