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Vivi and Erik Western/Christian Ceremony/St Regis

The next day Vivi and Erik had a western ceremony. Can you imagine…..2 dresses, 2 ceremony’s, 2 times to be the princess. Lauren returned to make Vivi shine again for this day.

You can see Lauren applied a softer lip color and lighter eye tones of brown pinks and always a natural cheek. Vivi has beautiful thick hair so this soft low updo was the natural choice. The purple flower just adds the perfect touch.

Vivi and Erik were fortunate to have Erik’s father perform the ceremony. He is a Lutheran Minister in Madison Wi. This was very special for the couple and for Erik’s family.

Vivi told me a funny story. Erik called Vivi’s father to ask for her hand in marriage….a very American tradition. Her father was shocked since the only he understood how marriage worked, was the arrangement between two families, not the couple themselves. He told Erik he would have to think about it. He made Erik sweat for a week before he called with his permission. She is worth waiting for Erik!

I think this my favorite photo…there is nothing like a mothers love.


Vivi it was an incredable pleasure meeting you and helping you look even more beautiful…….

Thanks to Lisa Simpson Weddings; Tony Florez Photography; St Regis

The Magnificent Vivi…an Indian Ceremony/St Regis

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Vivi and Eric. I have been anxiously awaiting the photos so I could bring the whole story to you with words but mostly pictures. You know how a picture says a thousand words, it certainly applies here. Let me introduce you that have never experienced an Indian wedding to the color, ritual, and celebration. Eric and Vivi met in Times Square, New York, although the wedding was in California. One of the main reasons the wedding was in Orange County was that most of Vivi’s family is here, and this was to be the first wedding in Vivi’s family in the U.S…..and the first “love marriage”. You see in the Indian tradition, weddings were arranged and even today many still are. Vivi’s parents and grandparents both had arranged marriages. So this was quite something for the family. A marriage where the couple chose who they would marry. 


  Vivi and her sisters were covered in Henna. This is the design you see on her hands. It is a old wife’s tale that the women who it shows up the darkest will be the next to marry. Vivi’s henna artist also intricately inscribed Erik’s name into the design on her hands. In Indian traditional arranged marriages in the past, a bride may not be able to meet her husband until the wedding. This inscribing of the grooms name served as an ice -breaker when the couple first had a chance to meet and talk.

Erik and Vivi had a traditional Hindu wedding performed in Sanskrit. She was carried in on a dholi, a traditional Indian chariot, by her brother and male members of the family. The dholi was designed in India by a family and shipped to the U.S. and arrived just days prior to the wedding. It weighs 300 lbs! Many books show brides in India being carried from her village to the village of her new husband.

 One part of the ceremony, the priest drops a ring into a decorated bowl of water and the bride and groom search for the ring at the same time by sticking their hand in the bucket. The person who finds the ring 2 out of 3 times in destined to be the more dominate in the marriage. Erik won!




Lauren doing her magic…… 



Our friend Lisa Simpson of Lisa Simpson Weddings organized the entire event….wow, and Dina Douglas/Andrena Photography is responsible for all the incredable photographs. The St Regis was the stunning location.

You must stay tuned…..tomorrow will be the second wedding……you do not want to miss it!













Previews Previews Previews

We are seeing lots of brides for their previews. I will have to say that this may be a year of less weddings, but the brides are the nicest we have seen in years…..not a Bridezilla yet…yea 09.

This is Elisabeth, she is getting married this week-end. She is such a beautiful girl, the make-up just accented her natural beauty….isn’t that the goal?
















Elisabeth is getting married at the beautiful Estancia La Jolla….we will post the wedding pics soon.

This is Christine, she is getting married at the stunning new Pelican Hill in a few weeks.

This is the inspiration look for Christine. She has the perfect hair for this style.





















 Kerrie Underhill of Platinam Weddings is the coordinator for this event…so you know it will be fantastic.



This is Ashley…..her wedding was last Sunday May 3rd on the Newport Yachts. These shots were Thursday for her preview. She had been up since 3a.m. driving over 8 hours to the Newport Beach destination. Pretty cute for being sooo tired.



























Sheba and Gary

Another fantastic wedding shot by the Barnet’s

Sheba and Gary were married on October 11, 2008 at the beautiful Laguna Cliffs Marriot over looking the stunning Dana Point harbor. Char was Sheba’s artist and with her warm skin tones, they went with a smoky eye  with a gold lid ,deep rose on the cheeks and lips. Sheba has wonderful thick hair and wanted to have it all down. She had just the right type of hair for such a style. And look how it makes her shine.

I love the green dresses. Such a cheerful and complimentary color on everyone. Another beautiful wedding. Thanks Sheba for becoming one of Design Visage’s beautiful brides.

Previews Previews Previews

Happy Tuesday, this is the busiest day of the week for Design Visage, since we have been out in the field on the week-end…..so lots of phone conversation. Although I am very lucky, Michelle is the operations manager so chances are when you call you will speak with her. And if you already have I am sure you two had a laugh together…she is so fun!

Today I am going to show you the most important part of our services…the “preview”. This is the time you will spend a few hours with your artist getting it perfect. One of the best parts of working with a Design Visage professional is that you can say what you like, and what you do not like…it’s all about you. This is your wedding day and we are here to help you get what you want with our valuable recommendations. You won’t be disappointed. Let’s take a look at a few previews from last week.

This is Doris. Her big day is next week-end at the spectacular Crystal Cathedral. If you not seen this beautiful church…..take a trip to Garden Grove and take a look. Doris is a very pretty girl without make-up. We applied a few shades of browns on the lid with a dramatic liner (makes her eyes pop) lips and cheeks very natural dark rose tones. Her hair will be half up half down. This is great style on Doris. Although during the preview her artist noticed that in order for the style to stay all day, Doris will need to layer her hair a bit. This takes some of the weight and helps the staying power. No problem Design Visage scheduled a special cut with Heather to layer a bit. Great that you do not have to worry about that infamous too short haircut the week of your wedding. We work with brides everyday and know just the right amount. This photo is the inspiration used for Doris’ look.


Doris is taking advantage of our “borrow a veil” program. She chose a designer veil to take for a week….can’t beat that.

Now we have Kari. She is getting married at Casa Del Camino in Laguna Beach. This boutique hotel was built in 1927 as a retreat for Hollywood Stars. Kari wanted a modern take on a vintage look. This was the inspiration:


Dosen’t Kari look Old Hollywood Chic……we will be sure to post a picture of the actual day in the gown. Bye

L i k e   U s   o n   F a c e b o o k
M o r e   i n f o