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Do not do these beauty tips….

I love to read. I love how it opens my mind. I love how it calms my spirit. I love how new knowledge makes me voracious for more. I love how it makes me humble. I love how it makes me strong. I love how I can find wild and crazy information that you will love.

Beauty Tips and Trends….a long time ago!


In the 1920’s Coco Chanel came back from a vacation with bronzed skin. Like fashion today, it caught on and symbolized that one was wealthy enough to afford a leisurely outdoor life…so the bronzed beauty began. By the 1930’s sunlight was said to be the cure of many ailments, such as acne and tuberculosis. This was the “baby oil” fase that continued through the 1980.  I can remember lathering up in oil to lye in the sun and I have very fair skin…o the sunburns.

NOW: a little sun kissed face can look glorious, although even the slightest tan represents injury to your skin, your bodies largest organ. When you think about it a tan is your skins way of creating a protective layer to diminish further damage. Put that way…not so pretty. The vitamin D you receive just driving your car or walking into your house from the car completes your quota. Today, thank goodness, it is all about sunscreen. Consider an airbrush tan….


An article in the legendary McCalls magazine recommended a daily eyewash of Boracic acid with a few drops of Camphor in hot water to keep your peepers glittering. Topped off with a monthly lash trim.

NOW: Use a saline solution for the occasional eye irritation and forgo the trimming for a lash supplement such as Revtilash. Yes it really works. Some do have to trim their lashes after a few months.

THEN: Sleep with a meat muslin mask for a young looking complexion. Place lean strips of beef over the entire face leaving a hole for eyes and nose. Secure with the muslin and leave on over night.


NOW: Although the concept is correct, there are less messy to give your skin a dose of moisture and protein. From yam facials to seaweed masks, you can keep your complexion looking lush with an esthetician or a Jar.



NOW: Although still used in some rural areas, we now have the modern day mascara. The founder of Maybelline, T. L. Williams observed his sister with this Vaseline/coal routine. In 1912 he came out with a cake mascara and by the early 1950’s the tube mascaras were on the market.

THEN: THE THICKER THE CREAM THE BETTER THE HYDRATION. Women used to slather their faces with the thickest cream possible and sleep with them overnight.

NOW: More does not mean more hydration. In fact heavier creams can create a barrier on the face and actually lock out moisture leaving all the dead skin cells and creating a dryer skin texture. Serums and light weight creams created for your skin type will do the trick.

I hope you found this interesting and amusing. I did.

For Things to Change You’ve Got To Change, Otherwise, Nothing Much Will Change.

Jim Rohn

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