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Jim Kennedy Photographers/Wedding Hair and Make-up/ Yvette and Ryan

WOW the best compliment is when a bride calls,  was in a wedding we did, wants to hire Design Visage , and the same artist……well this is what Yvette did. Her sister was married a few years ago and Susie ( Design Visage artist) made all the girls beautiful. On August 8th, Susie and Becky did all the hairstyles for Yvette and the girlies…… What a compliment….thanks Yvette. Let’s take a look:img_9422_1

Then I realized that Yvette chose the same photographer as her sister…..Dawn Lowrey at Jim Kennedy Photographers….we are so pleased that you loved us….


Wedding Hairstyle:

  • Yvette has lovely shiny blond hair so with the classic bridal hairstyle she chose…it was perfect
  • Susie used a 1″ iron to curl the hair and then she placed each curl in place and pined
  • The sections were large to give a classic large smooth curl
  • Each piece was carefully combed for the smooth texture
  • bridal pins were added to complete the wedding hairstyle..if you like this look, check outBridalmode for all your bridal hair jewels


We enjoy working with Jim Kennedy Photographers, you can always count on a classic look.


A fun coincidence, one of Yvette’s bridesmaids, stunning brunette 3rd from the left, is a great friend of mine. Erin worked for Design Visage many years ago as she was going to collage. We recently reconnected on the fabulous Facebook.


Yvette had a great team:

Marilee from Ever After Events

Dawn from Jim Kennedy Photographers

Paradise Point Resort in San Diego.

Design Visage

Tune in tomorrow for the shots with her handsome hubby Ryan.

Tattoo Encore

Encore of the fun photos of tatoo brides. Just look at the art on these girls. I found all these photos on offbeatbride.com . Design Visage did not do the hair and make-up for these brides…although I wish we did….

I really appriciate brides who think outside the box…maybe because I as well did not do the traditional. I met this “to die for” man in Italy when I was studying there many years ago. We had so much in common. Most importantly we both agreed on the importance of a commited relationship, although did not want to marry. Well as life has it, after he was here for 2 years…we could not longer dodge immigration. The attorney said marry by April 15th or he becomes an illegal~!!! wow so we did not even talk about it for a few months…well April came around and to spare all the details….we went to Las Vegas…I wore a black dress ( very stunning) and we did it all alone…we did not even tell our friends or family….he suggested the drive through Elvis ceremony, but I did draw the line there…..so here we are 12 years later…..happy, married…..without even 1 photo of the day. O yes we did confess to our families 5 years after the day!


What a pretty girl with such a natural bridal make-up choice.



This is quite a non traditional bride…and look at that fantastic fruit sculpture


she has the whole look….


love the birdcage veil






you sure do not need any jewelry, or necklace with this ornate design









this bride is fantastic….the look is perfect.


 If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, part of life’s exciting variety, not something to fear.

Andrea and Eric

On June 21st of this year, Andrea and Eric were married. Yun from Cloud 9 Photography gave us all the lovely photos…..and my friend and fantastic coordinator April Whitney organized the day. Let’s take a look…..


How cute all the girls admiring the dress


What a good maid of honor with the lip touch-up



Andrea chose a half up do for the wedding hair style and the bridal natural lip with smoky eyes……



Notice the make-up…..perfect to the last kiss…..this is after many many many hours of wedding and Andrea is still fresh and ready for a little frosting on the nose.

Thank you Andrea for letting Design Visage join you

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

Victor Borgue


Design Visage/Get Your Hankie Out for This One

I heard from the wedding coordinator…extraordinaire Lisa Simpson, that the bride and groom both sobbed when they saw each other prior to the wedding. Lisa of course was complimenting the Design Visage make-up application…its cry proof. Although when I saw these beautiful photos from OrangeTurtle Photography …I sobbed…..you can not fake this look….it is the look of pure love and joy to be getting married. Becky and Dastuni’s photos are my favorite so far in 09. Let’s see what you think.



Look at how much he loves her


Look at how much she loves him


Look at him watch her walk down the isle to become his wife….


and her, as she becomes his partner in life


It’s hard to even notice the hair and make-up with all that emotion going on. Never the less, let’s see what Lauren ( Design Visage artist) and Becky chose for her wedding beauty.


Becky’s bridal hairstyle was a half updo adorned with a crystal flower from Design Visage’s Bridalmode. Lauren added hair extensions to add fullness and it also helps the style stay longer. Wedding make-up was sultry eyes and soft lips….don’t forget the eyelash extensions….the final touch.


Becky has a fun style about her….look at the dress…sassy red, and Dastuni’s red highlights….was it planned? Along with the blue girlie’s dresses….fun fun.






Bowers Museum was the location for the day…..

Thank you Becky for inviting Design Visage to your day…

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

Second View of Katelyn and Ceremony Magazine

A while back I presented Katelyn and some photos that were featured in Ceremony Magazine this year. Well I came across a few more photos that I believe are to beautiful to pass up, so a second look at Katelyn…….





Not only is Katelyn beautiful, she has a fun, outgoing personality. she choose the perfect bridal hairstyle and wedding make-up.










Let’s give credit where it is due: Kathy Jo Peterson…..coordination; Elyisum Productions ; Jim Kennedy Photography; Montage Resort…..and Design Visage.


“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”


James Berrie

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