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Hair Hair Everywhere..Body Waxing 101

Today lets talk a bit about hair….no not bridal hair, but body hair. Yes the fashion is to be a hairless chihuahua. If this congers up the memory of the chest wax in the 40 year old virgin, set your mind at ease…there are alternatives.



One of the alternatives to extreme pain it…NO SCREAM CREAM…yes it works. Invented by a woman who worked for a dentist. She was bright enough to think of a topical numbing product. Good ideas are all around us, find a need a fill it. So although I will admit it is not a miracle cream, it certainly makes an unpleasant sensation very tolerable. Now I know many of you brides are very body hair savvy and probable know more than me. Today is for the average joe, which is the most of us. And lets face it most of you are afraid to ask anyway. So lets jump in and discuss the jargon. It will vary from salon to salon

Bikini wax= the sides of the legs into the crotch area and top of the stomach if needed.

Brazilian= a landing strip

Honeymooner= all gone

Do not forgo this important service prior to the wedding, just grab your NO SCREAM CREAM and make your choice.

Ok that’s done, we can discuss the rest of the body….

Underarms….just do it..that’s all I can say. Let it grow about a 1/4 inch and come on in. You will not believe how fantastic it is to have baby soft underarms and not have to shave for a while…..each one of us will last a different amount of time. But here is the great thing ladies, when it starts to regrow….NO STUBBLE….just soft, a honeymoon must.

Eyebrows: This is sooooo important to your wedding day make-up. Eyeshadow does not look good on top of fuzz. Start the shaping process asap. And most importantly DO NOT.. I REPEAT DO NOT wax your brow the day of your wedding, or even the day before. You just never know when you will puff up and get red. And one thing many are not aware of, when you wax the brow area, it strips the top layer of your skin. Eyeshadow will not adhere to it. Your body needs a day to recover the skin.

Arms: If you have dark hair or lots of light hair…..get rid of it. If you choose to do it only for the wedding and honeymoon, no problem, just let it grow. And as in the underarms…it will grow in very soft.

Legs: Personal opinion….not worth it. Hurts like %%%%, and due to the fact that your hair growth has 3 cycles, the day after the pain you could feel stubble. The legs are a commitment. You come every 3 weeks and after time, different for all, the hair will diminish and will grow in softer. It really works, although not if it is just for the wedding/honeymoon….steal his razor for the closet shave.

Feet: do I even have to advise you on this…..wax it off

We will not go into every little crevice of the body, but it can be done. Come see our wax specialist for a complimentary consult.

You have just graduated from waxing 101…..

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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