Wedding Services

  • Bridal Hair and Make-up Services


  • This is actually the most important part of our services. It is a 2 to 3 hour (depending on which service) personalized time for you and your artist.
  • We have a large selection of photographs of the most requested hair and make-up styles. Although we do suggest that you do a little homework prior to the preview and bring a few pics of some looks you would like to try.
  • Our artists can create any style you desire, the more prepared you are regarding what you want, the more successful your preview will be.
  • You will get the opportunity to see the hairstyles “on you”, very important. Your artist will help you decide which style will compliment your personal style, type of hair and gown.
  • If you have purchased any hair jewelry, this is the time to decide where it will be placed in the hairstyle. Also the veil, on top, in the middle, or at the base of the hairstyle. This is the time to make this decision. If you have not purchased any jewels for your hair, it is better since at Design Visage we have one of best selections of hair accessories available. You can try feathers, flowers, crystals or pearls. You never know what will best compliment your hairstyle until you decide which style!
  •  Make-up is equally as fun, your artist will start with half the face, at that point you can decide if its perfect, you want a little more, little less, different colors.  A flawless airbrush make-up is applied along with lushes lashes.
  • Basically you have a professional helping you acheive what you want, with her professional opinion
  • We know at Design Visage that it is “all about you”. Not many times in life can you say that, so take advantage of it. Your preview is not over until you love it. Of course if you desire just hair or just make-up services, that preview is available as well.

On Location Services

  • We arrive on time every time, ready to recreate the style you chose on your preview.
  • Your artist will bring everything including a lipstick  for touch-ups (make-up services) and  lashes are always included.
  • Your artist will be prepared to duplicate your  preview style, although there is always room for changes, just say the word.
  • We will beautifully place your hair jewels or flowers, and secure your veil.
  • Your artist will leave you stunning and cry proof! if you would like the artist to “stay around” just ask we can provide that service.


Bridesmaids & Moms

  • Moms and maids need to look fantastic. Design Visage offers hair and/or make-up services.
  • We can do as little or as much as each person desires. Just like in the bridal preview, you are the master of the design.
  • A wedding day is often not the day to make major changes. You, just better.
  • Bride has her own hair and make-up artist, no problem Design Visage can come to the location for maids and moms. Just ask!


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