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Design Visage and Yelp

So I need to know who has it in for Design Visage at Yelp.  Over the past few years we have had several brides and clients write their comments on the Yelp website.

More than a dozen have been 5 star reviews on Yelp, and there are 3 negative, of which one is not even the correct company regarding the smart circle promotion.

Yelp has removed ALL OF OUR POSITIVE REVIEWS. As a business owner you can not even contact them…..who are they GOD of the Internet. We have reviews on Project Wedding, Wedding Wire and many many more. Most of our reviews are glowing 5 star, with always the few who you could not please. That is fine since all other site leave ALL the reviews for you as a potential client to see. Now Yelp removes upon their discretion. So this leaves Design Visage with a bad review since they have removed every positive and not one of the few negatives.

Best part, if you search…which I have….to request to talk to someone, it clearly says that trying to sue or do anything about their decisions will result in nothing.

I have had to hire an attorney to attempt to get YELP to be fair with the reviews. The are hurting my business.

This is very important for all of you to understand. I will post the progress with my one person class action suit.

Please leave a comment if you know anyone who has had my same experience.

Thank You.


owner  Design Visage

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