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Wedding Day Makeover TLC/Hoffmann Photography/Wedding Hair and Makeup

Beautiful Alyssa came to Design Visage referred by out friend and wonderful coordinator Sharon Gall from Once Upon a Time Weddings.  When Alyssa was approved by TLC to be on our show “Wedding Day Makeover” I was excited. I knew that Alyssa was a big fan of the wedding reality shows and would be a fun bride for the show. The best part of Alyssa was, as in so many beautiful brides, she had a facial feature that she disliked. Her jaw, she thinks it too big. So funny, we all did not see that, although Missy her Design Visage artist went to work to soften the lines of Alyssa’s chin to make her feel even more beautiful.

The wedding was held at the stunning St Regis Hotel and Spa in Monarch Beach with photos by Hoffmann photographer, take a peek:

The St Regis has this amazing ceiling that makes for a perfect photo setting.

When Wedding Day Makeover on TLC is part of your day, you feel like a movie star. Just look at all the action

This is Alyssa’s mom, she was such a good sport in helping Alyssa and Wedding Day Makeover by TLC. She flew to come to the preview at Design Visage so she could support her daughter on TV.

Wedding hairstyle:

As you will recall on Wedding Day Makeover, Alyssa tried the down style and the messy up style. She chose to go up for the wedding day. Missy her Design Visage stylist created a loose updo with the front pulled back, the back was an organized mess as Missy likes to call it. Which means the style is very fun and tousled.

Wedding makeup:

Missy designed an elegant smoky eye with a soft cheek and lip for Alyssa.

Thank you Alyssa for choosing Design Visage you make you look stunning.

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Wedding Day Makeover TLC/Triple Cord Photography/Wedding 4 Africa

When I heard that Glenda was approved by TLC’s Wedding Day Makeover, I was so excited. When we started filming Wedding Day Makeover in April, I knew that I wanted to have this wedding on our show. Some time ago the incredible Annette Biggers of Triple Cord Photography organized Wedding 4 Africa. Design Visage was honored to participate in this amazing idea. This couple Glenda and Michael raised money for the children of Africa, and we the wedding vendors, donated our services for the wedding. The list of vendors that participated in this wedding were some of the best in the industry, and most importantly, people who came together for a larger purpose.

On to the wedding, a one of a kind fairy tale affair. Just take a look:

Yes Annette creates magical weddings, with real fairytale brides.

Glenda’s bridal hair:

Design Visage Lauren was Glenda’s stylist, and as always Lauren rocked the look. This updated Renaissence hairstyle with the beachy curl)

  • Lauren curled Glenda’s hair with a flat iron (which gives a natural beach curls) then added extensions for length
  • Lastly Lauren pulled in the Renaissance look with a few braids.

Bridal Makeup:

  • Lauren started with a smoky eye with eye liner around Glenda’s entire eye
  • Gold was applied on the lid
  • Lauren darkened Glenda’s brows with a brow shader two shades darker than her hair
  • Loads of lashes were created with two rows of individual lashes
  • A light lip and soft blush topped off the wedding makeup

Take a look at this fantasy of a day

You can see Glenda’s contagious personality in the photos

Amazing that you can turn a normal event into a blessing for everyone.

Thank you Annette Biggers for your Heart 4 Africa.

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Frank Salas Photography/Wedding Hair and Makeup/Design Visage

My favorite memory of Sayeste: Sayeste had reserved her wedding with Design Visage.  I called her at work and explained that Design Visage had a new show on TLC called Wedding Day Makeover and if she would like to audition for the show.  She immediately said “YES” and I told her I would pass the information on to our production company. One minute later the phone rang, it was Sayeste, she asked me “Did you just ask me to be on a wedding show on TLC?”  I replied “Yes” and she said ” I thought so, but I wanted to make sure I was not dreaming!!”.

From that moment on….I was crossing my fingers that TLC would choose Sayeste to participate in Wedding Day Makeover. It came back as a “No” at first, why, because she was too pretty and they thought she would not be a good “makeover”. We encouraged, and finally a “YES”. I was soooo excited.

Design Visage Susie had a terrific time  “making up” Sayeste.  She chose an elegant smoky eye and long red carpet locks.

Our friend and fantastic photographer Frank Salas was the photographer for the day. He was such a sport to work around all the film crew and still come up with these amazing shots.

Design Visage Susie did a hot makeup application on Sayeste. The thick liner with a bronze lid and lashes, lashes were the bridal makeup style.

Bridal hairstyle for Sayeste: Susie curled all her hair with a one and a half inch iron and let it set. After the hair was let down, Susie added extensions that were already curled. Susie ran her fingers through Sayeste’s hair to give it the loose sexy curl, and then loosely took each side up and gently pined it back. The result is a bridal hairstyle for the red carpet. Lots of spray to keep in place, keeping in mind to use a professional working spray that holds but does not leave the hair stiff.

Lisa Simpson was the pro that organized the day and kept it all running smoothly, like always. And the Hilton in Huntington Beach was amazing with all the details.

I know Sayeste felt like a movie star, she sure looked like one.

Design Visage had a blast with Sayeste and Wedding Day Makeover on TLC

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Wedding Day Makeover/TLC/Design Visage

I met Veronica over the phone and it was love at first word. She is in one word fantastic. We had to wait a long time for the approval for her wedding on Wedding Day Makeover on TLC. When it arrived with a yes we will all elated, then the news that her wedding location would not allow a TV camera crew. A set back, but nothing is too big for Veronica. She has this strong but sweet character and before you could say no, it was a yes and we were off on a roll.

I finally  met Veronica and Brian in person at my house a few months back. They live in San Diego and needed a place for Film Garden to shoot their love story. The pretty backyard with the fireplace is mine! And the guitar that Brian is playing to serenade Veronica is my husbands. Brian and Veronica are a joy to be with.

Missy was Veronica’s Design Visage stylist and they hit it off immediately. Its kinda hard not to like Missy. The preview at the Design Visage salon lasted more than 4 hours. You will recall Veronica, her 2 sisters and her mom, all had quite a different idea for Veronica’s wedding hair and make-up. The 4 V’s had the entire crew laughing for hours. They really could not agree on a look. Ultimately it was Veronica’s choice, although she was trying to make everyone happy.

The decision: a new wave 40’s style side do combined with an updated 40’s bridal makeup. Awesome……

On the wedding day the Design Visage had the pleasure of beautifying all the bridesmaids and moms

One of the most touching parts of Veronica’s wedding; she had recently lost her father. All the girls including mom were so sad that this most important man would not be able to give his daughter away to the man she was to marry. Veronica’s fathers favorite flower was the sunflower. A large sunflower was in her bouquet as the simple of her father with her the entire day. It was wonderful.

I must day Scarlett Lillian’s photos are simple perfect.

A tender moment with MOM

This is my favorite photo, the real emotion.

Don’t you think Veronica chose the best wedding hair and makeup?

We at Design Visage do not get to see these moments on the wedding day, we beautify and off to another bride, so it is so special to see the tender moments. Scarlett Lillian has some amazing talent.

Here they are with Film Garden from the TLC show “Wedding Day Makeover”

These few shots were taken by Stephen Knuth Photography .Wow Veronica must have felt like a star with two photographer and a film crew following her around.

Design Visage has received many calls regarding Veronica’s bridal hair and makeup choice… I believe it was a hit.

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Wedding Day Makeover/TLC/Design Visage

Behind the scenes with Priya, the whole story

This week on Wedding Day Makeover on TLC, aired the episode with TV bride Priya. We asked Design Visage stylist Lauren to tell us the real scoop.

Interesting the whole story you see on TV lasts less than 15 minutes. Do you know they filmed over 15 hours. So as you can imagine, there is  much that happens that you did not see.

Lauren: ” I style over 100 brides per year, but I was afraid of Priya. Before I met her the owner of Design Visage, Caren, told me that Priya was a newscaster and had a professional makeup and hair artist everyday. Caren also told me that Priya said on the phone that she was very picky and difficult to please. I was nervous to meet her, and especially since it was my first bride for “Wedding Day Makeover”. I did not know what to expect and now it was going to be with a difficult bride. I made sure to wear a top that would not show any sweat beads! Just in case.

Priya knew exactly want she wanted and was not going to let either her mother or her friend that came to the preview sway her in any way. The preview took a lot of time, much that was not on TV. I did a few looks that she just hated and I became worried that I was not going to find her “look” and with the entire filming crew watching. With the grace of God, the very last look gave Priya, she loved it.

On the wedding day, I was still concerned. Priya has the type of personality to change her mind. Fortunately she loved it. But she micro managed every step. She had a mirror and watched each move I made and gave her two cents. Then at one point she saw her mother with makeup and jumped out of the chair and said, with cameras rolling “I hate it” Apparently Priya was not used to her mother looking that glamorous and did not think her wedding day was the best day for that change. In the end Priya and all the girls including mom looked so beautiful and were very happy.

In the end Lauren had a great time with Priya and her wedding.

You can catch Lauren and the other Design Visage stylists on Wedding Day Makeover weekdays at 11:30 and 5:30

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