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Hip Weddings posted a Design Visage Article…Yipee

My dear friend Holly Lafevre posted Design Visage’s Wedding Hair and Make-Up 10 top bridal beauty tips….actually the 10 most important things Not to do prior to your wedding on her very hip blog..

This is one blog to follow…….

Holly is the author of several bridal books and coordinated hundreds of weddings in Southern California prior to moving to Northern Calif….her wit and knowledge of wedding etiquette are unmatched.

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Do not do these beauty tips….

I love to read. I love how it opens my mind. I love how it calms my spirit. I love how new knowledge makes me voracious for more. I love how it makes me humble. I love how it makes me strong. I love how I can find wild and crazy information that you will love.

Beauty Tips and Trends….a long time ago!


In the 1920’s Coco Chanel came back from a vacation with bronzed skin. Like fashion today, it caught on and symbolized that one was wealthy enough to afford a leisurely outdoor life…so the bronzed beauty began. By the 1930’s sunlight was said to be the cure of many ailments, such as acne and tuberculosis. This was the “baby oil” fase that continued through the 1980.  I can remember lathering up in oil to lye in the sun and I have very fair skin…o the sunburns.

NOW: a little sun kissed face can look glorious, although even the slightest tan represents injury to your skin, your bodies largest organ. When you think about it a tan is your skins way of creating a protective layer to diminish further damage. Put that way…not so pretty. The vitamin D you receive just driving your car or walking into your house from the car completes your quota. Today, thank goodness, it is all about sunscreen. Consider an airbrush tan….


An article in the legendary McCalls magazine recommended a daily eyewash of Boracic acid with a few drops of Camphor in hot water to keep your peepers glittering. Topped off with a monthly lash trim.

NOW: Use a saline solution for the occasional eye irritation and forgo the trimming for a lash supplement such as Revtilash. Yes it really works. Some do have to trim their lashes after a few months.

THEN: Sleep with a meat muslin mask for a young looking complexion. Place lean strips of beef over the entire face leaving a hole for eyes and nose. Secure with the muslin and leave on over night.


NOW: Although the concept is correct, there are less messy to give your skin a dose of moisture and protein. From yam facials to seaweed masks, you can keep your complexion looking lush with an esthetician or a Jar.



NOW: Although still used in some rural areas, we now have the modern day mascara. The founder of Maybelline, T. L. Williams observed his sister with this Vaseline/coal routine. In 1912 he came out with a cake mascara and by the early 1950’s the tube mascaras were on the market.

THEN: THE THICKER THE CREAM THE BETTER THE HYDRATION. Women used to slather their faces with the thickest cream possible and sleep with them overnight.

NOW: More does not mean more hydration. In fact heavier creams can create a barrier on the face and actually lock out moisture leaving all the dead skin cells and creating a dryer skin texture. Serums and light weight creams created for your skin type will do the trick.

I hope you found this interesting and amusing. I did.

For Things to Change You’ve Got To Change, Otherwise, Nothing Much Will Change.

Jim Rohn

What you should not do

Brides always want to look their best…of course. Today I am going to talk about  some of the don’ts of make-up. It seems like people are so concerned with their little facial flaws, by trying to hid them you draw attention to the very thing you are trying to detract. As a make-up artist myself, this is what I see in the grocery store in line……I always wonder do they not realize that it is like putting a giant X marks the spot. So lets talk about some of these big no no’s.

1. The wrong color foundation: Wheather it is too light or too dark….you can not change your skin color with your foundation. It only ages the skin and ruins the look of the rest of the make-up. If you are so busy looking at the difference of color in the skin, you lose site of any thing else. If you want your skin lighter that it is…..too bad, not possible. If you want a bronzer look, apply the correct foundation color and apply a power bronzer on top, along with sunkissed shadows and blush. More mature skins with benefit from luminescent particles in the product. This will give a glowy youthful look without the dreaded sparkle.

2.  Thick foundation. I am not sure what you are trying to hide….but the more you pack on it the more attention you draw to it! Your foundation can only look as good as the skin underneath. So if you skin is less than perfect, choose the right color foundation in a medium coverage and go for the eyes. Draw attention away from it rather than to it. For mature skins, the heavy product just sits in the lines, especially if you are not on a great skin care cell turnaround system. Ladies less is more. Many people have heard that for a wedding you have to wear this heavy make-up, not true, just professional make-up that is thin but packed with pigments that will last all day.

3. Powder all over the face: I think about how my grandmother looked when she was all made-up….just one big powder puff. Women today are more savvy than this, although I do still see this challenge. First and foremost the key to wearing powder is exfoliation. At any age, although more important as the years increase, if you do not get the dead skin cells off the face…the powder will just sit in every line you did not even know you had. After the skin is exfoliated, use a natural tone mineral powder. Either loose or compact. Although avoid the eye area at any age. This area should look fresh and moist not dead and dry. If you are over 40…..use powder very sparingly. Only a mineral, only in the T.

4. LIpstick Lipstick Lipstick: Remember if you are 20 you can pretty much do anything you want..but for the rest of us. Lipstick can make or break a look. If you intend to wear a vibrant lip…please tone down the eyes. The 80’s were all about dramatic eyes and lips together, and I realize that the 80’s style seems to be returning. So If you did not wear make-up in the 80’s…go ahead and do it up, but if you did then you have done it once in your life and are too old to do it again! Just because it is in does not mean you should wear it. After all this talk, my recommendation…….a fabulous color lip pencil that you define you lips and fill in, on top a soft, not to sticky gloss. This is for everyone.

5. Concealer on dark circles: This may be one of the most misused make-up products. Possible it’s the name that is confusing, concealer. The definition of concealer is to cover up. I think I shall rename it to highlighter. Because ladies that is what is does, it highlights. So if you have something you do not want to highlight like dark circles or a blemish, maybe you should reconsider packing it with something that just tells the world look at this problem I have. If you have a blemish, there are many products that will help to hid and help to heal at the same time. And regarding the dark circles, look to a skin care product to correct, do not put concrete under the eye…better the see the darkness.

 Have a fantastic week-end. From time to time I will add more do’s and don’ts.


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