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Asgeir fotographica/Ruth Wang Wedding Coordinator/Wedding Hair and Make-up

I am so excited to present these photos of Pooja. A fun part of Indian Weddings is all the color and jewels. Design Visage Lauren did amazing wedding hair and makeup

Wedding Makeup:

With all the color and jewels, Pooja was able to wear quite a smoky eye. Lauren of Design Visage used shades of burgundy, cream and gold. She lined Pooja’s eye with a black gel liner around the entire eye. She added a bit of glittery gold under the eye to frame the black liner and make it pop. Lauren added a Merlot color lipstick with a clear gloss and it’s perfect.

Wedding Hairstyle:

Lauren first did a part in front of Pooja’s hair to place the Tikka. Then she styled the rest back and created a soft intricate back hairstyle. It was elegant and clean, although very feminine. How Lauren created this was curling all of Pooja’s hair with a 1 inch iron and creating a base in the back of her head and styling all the hair into the base, very loose.

I love these photos and they were kindly provided by Asgeir Fotographica and coordinated by our friend Ruth Wang.

Thanks again:

Ruth Wang Coordinator

Asgeir Fotographica

Design Visage

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Wedding Day Makeover/TLC/Design Visage

Behind the scenes with Priya, the whole story

This week on Wedding Day Makeover on TLC, aired the episode with TV bride Priya. We asked Design Visage stylist Lauren to tell us the real scoop.

Interesting the whole story you see on TV lasts less than 15 minutes. Do you know they filmed over 15 hours. So as you can imagine, there is  much that happens that you did not see.

Lauren: ” I style over 100 brides per year, but I was afraid of Priya. Before I met her the owner of Design Visage, Caren, told me that Priya was a newscaster and had a professional makeup and hair artist everyday. Caren also told me that Priya said on the phone that she was very picky and difficult to please. I was nervous to meet her, and especially since it was my first bride for “Wedding Day Makeover”. I did not know what to expect and now it was going to be with a difficult bride. I made sure to wear a top that would not show any sweat beads! Just in case.

Priya knew exactly want she wanted and was not going to let either her mother or her friend that came to the preview sway her in any way. The preview took a lot of time, much that was not on TV. I did a few looks that she just hated and I became worried that I was not going to find her “look” and with the entire filming crew watching. With the grace of God, the very last look gave Priya, she loved it.

On the wedding day, I was still concerned. Priya has the type of personality to change her mind. Fortunately she loved it. But she micro managed every step. She had a mirror and watched each move I made and gave her two cents. Then at one point she saw her mother with makeup and jumped out of the chair and said, with cameras rolling “I hate it” Apparently Priya was not used to her mother looking that glamorous and did not think her wedding day was the best day for that change. In the end Priya and all the girls including mom looked so beautiful and were very happy.

In the end Lauren had a great time with Priya and her wedding.

You can catch Lauren and the other Design Visage stylists on Wedding Day Makeover weekdays at 11:30 and 5:30

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Wedding Hair and Make-up, Sonia gets married

A few months Sonia got married. We had such a great time. What a fun bride………and person.

Wedding Make-Up:

Lauren, Sonia’s Design Visage artist went with pallet of the tones of the dress… she incorporated these tones in the shadows, blush and lips tones.

Golds and smoky tones to bring out the eyes, lots of liner and lashes.

With all that eye……Lauren and Sonia decided on a natural lip.

Wedding Hairstyle:

Sonia wanted to be able to see some of the hair, so Lauren did a side bang and to give a lift to the heavy headress, Lauren used a “bump it”. It gave a lift to the style, and Sonia loved it.

 Stay tuned for the next blog………Lauren returned the next day for Sonia’s big reception and a completely different hair and make-up look

The Magnificent Vivi…an Indian Ceremony/St Regis

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Vivi and Eric. I have been anxiously awaiting the photos so I could bring the whole story to you with words but mostly pictures. You know how a picture says a thousand words, it certainly applies here. Let me introduce you that have never experienced an Indian wedding to the color, ritual, and celebration. Eric and Vivi met in Times Square, New York, although the wedding was in California. One of the main reasons the wedding was in Orange County was that most of Vivi’s family is here, and this was to be the first wedding in Vivi’s family in the U.S…..and the first “love marriage”. You see in the Indian tradition, weddings were arranged and even today many still are. Vivi’s parents and grandparents both had arranged marriages. So this was quite something for the family. A marriage where the couple chose who they would marry. 


  Vivi and her sisters were covered in Henna. This is the design you see on her hands. It is a old wife’s tale that the women who it shows up the darkest will be the next to marry. Vivi’s henna artist also intricately inscribed Erik’s name into the design on her hands. In Indian traditional arranged marriages in the past, a bride may not be able to meet her husband until the wedding. This inscribing of the grooms name served as an ice -breaker when the couple first had a chance to meet and talk.

Erik and Vivi had a traditional Hindu wedding performed in Sanskrit. She was carried in on a dholi, a traditional Indian chariot, by her brother and male members of the family. The dholi was designed in India by a family and shipped to the U.S. and arrived just days prior to the wedding. It weighs 300 lbs! Many books show brides in India being carried from her village to the village of her new husband.

 One part of the ceremony, the priest drops a ring into a decorated bowl of water and the bride and groom search for the ring at the same time by sticking their hand in the bucket. The person who finds the ring 2 out of 3 times in destined to be the more dominate in the marriage. Erik won!




Lauren doing her magic…… 



Our friend Lisa Simpson of Lisa Simpson Weddings organized the entire event….wow, and Dina Douglas/Andrena Photography is responsible for all the incredable photographs. The St Regis was the stunning location.

You must stay tuned…..tomorrow will be the second wedding……you do not want to miss it!













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