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We are thankful!

This time of year we all start to think of the things in life we are thankful for. At the top of our list are the amazing women that make up the DV Team! These ladies make use proud to be in the business of making brides beautiful for their big day. Each DV artist has a unique personality and special gift they bring to the team. As individual as they are, our team is consistently awesome. We firmly believe there is no “I” in TEAM and we work together to provide an amazing experience for our brides.


To ALL our DV Divas (including those not pictured above)…

Each of you are kind, loving and passionate women. You are beyond talented and creative! You are incredible, mothers, teacher and friends.

Thank you for being the women you are! You make it possible for us to enjoy what we do everyday.


Caren & Summer


Bridal Beauty Product Spotlight

Some of our DV Divas stopped by to share their favorite products with you!


Benefit Ooh La Lift

What it is:
A dream cream for the under-eye area.

What it does:
Benefit Ooh La Lift is a wonder eye cream that works like an instant eye lift. With light-reflecting pigments and raspberry extract, this magic pink balm gives eyes an instant brightening boost and caffeine to perk up the eye.

Why I love it:
“Use throughout the day as an eye freshener. Lightens, brightens and tightens the eye.” - DV Jen

$22 at Sephora






MAC Fluidline – Blacktrack
What it is:

MAC Fluidline Ultra-smooth, gel formula eyeliner in a rich array of colors and finishes.

What it does:

Provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof.

Why I love it:

“It goes on smooth, doesn’t smudge and I can use it on everyone! Defines the eyes and can be used for a natural eye or even for a more dramatic effect.” – DV Georgia

$15.00 at  MAC


 I have fine lines around my eyes and had to try Benefit Ooh La Lift “dream cream” for myself. It REALLY works!  

The Fluidline by MAC I have been using for years. Liquid liner appears harsh to me and the shadow liners do not last all day. This product is easily applied with an angled brush and you have control of how much or little you like  






LVL Events – Lindsay elopes with Studio EMP, Hoo Films and Design Visage

As the incomparable founder and leader of LVL Events, one would think with all the best professionals at her fingertips Lindsay would play host to large wedding. While on the contrary, she took the best of the best on a red-eye flight to Ohio and quietly slipped away for the most amazing celebration of love, in purest way imaginable.

I remember an afternoon, only a few weeks ago when Lindsay came by to chat over coffee. She quickly mentioned that while picking up a bridesmaid dress for the upcoming nuptials of her good friend, she happened upon her own wedding dress as well. Rather shocked to hear the news, and more so that there would not be a large event, but a quiet elopement under a very special tree. We spoke in more detail about her intimate plans and I was so touched she shared the news with me while most stayed unaware of the events to come.

Lindsay had come by again about a week later to have DV Lauren do her hair and makeup for a special event. We talked about who would be taking care of her beauty on the big day. Although she had been looking into some local professionals, had not settled on anyone as they were trying to pull everything together within a very tight time frame. Lindsay also needed a few things to finish off her classic bridal look and I helped her pick out some earrings and a birdcage veil from B Bride.

It was not long before I saw her again at an event and she talked about how gorgeous she looked and felt just a few days earlier. Thus began the conversation about her flying out her “Dream Team” to Ohio for her elopement. They would include Joel from Studio EMP, Shannon from Hoo Films and of course our own DV Lauren.

We love this shot! The tears fall but her makeup stays!

WOW! From the first day the news was secretly uttered about the awesomeness to come, through the undeniable love and emotion that were captured on video and film. This experience has been a whirlwind and I am so grateful to personally and professionally have been a part of it. 

You can read more intricate details from the red eye flights to the tear jerking vows on Joel’s awesome Studio EMP blog and see heart tugging video on Hoo Films. I promise you there won’t be a dry eye.






Karen French Photography and Design Visage = Beautiful

 We have had the pleasure of working with Karen French (of Karen French Photography) for many many years now. Her style of photography always makes the brides shine. Today will showcase a few of the brides we did together in 08.

This is Denise. She and Ricardo were married October 12, 08 in Torrance. Lauren was her artist, and they choose to do a very classic hairstyle. The front is clean and shows Denise’s pretty face. The eyes were a bit smoky with a lip tone lip color.


Here we have Kristen…..she and Andrew were married August 30th, 08 at the unique Rancho Las Lomas. It was all organized by our friend and coordinator Melody Walker

Sabrina was the artist for Kimberly and she chose to wear her hair all down. Which is very popular now, although I do caution you to work with a very experienced artist for this style. Seems easier…..but will it stay all day..etc. 


Dana was the artist for Kimberly. She and Jason were married June 22, 08 in Marina Del Rey.


This is one of my favorite hair styles…half up half down. It gives the elegant look of a wedding and something for your veil and hair jewelry to be secure, yet it also gives the casual hair down feeling.


 Finally we have Jen. She and Mike were married August 2, 08 in Laguna Beach. Susan Mcdonald was the wiz that coordinated the day.


 I hope you enjoyed our collections of Karen French/Design Visage brides……see you tomorrow.
























Yun plus Shenyuan = Xinchun (Audrey)

O how fun it is to be able to present this family. Yun was one of Design Visage’s beautiful brides in 2005 and she has been coming to see our esthetistician ever since. We consider Yun part of our family and it have been such a pleasure seeing her family grow, now there is Xinchun which we call Audrey.


Here is the story: Yun met Shenyuan in China when they were in college. Shenyuan had a crush on Yun, although he knew his friend did as well…so nothing happened. Yun went to the U.K. for her masters. She was alone and lonely, Shenyuan called frequently! He made a trip to the U.K. and begin to pursue Yun. 5 months later they were engaged. Yun returned to China where Shenyuan came to visit a few times, even though it was risky for his U.S. return. But she was worth it!!! My husband is from Italy, I understand first hand the immigration challenge. Well as you can see it all worked out, and Design Visage had the pleasure of being a part of the wedding. Take a look at our dear friends wedding.

 Georgia is the artist that help Yun look beautiful

L i k e   U s   o n   F a c e b o o k
M o r e   i n f o